The N.A.S.M. Inc. hopes you will enjoy exploring our website and learning about Spiritualism, the Mission, and the Activities held at the Mission's Rosa Tingey Centre.

The New Age Spiritualist Mission Inc. is one of Adelaide's longest-running Spiritualist Centres, formed from two Spiritualist groups that began in the 1920's. The Rosa Tingey Centre provides a place for quality, safe and supportive spiritual development for people of all ages.

A range of spiritual development groups are offered, for the very beginner through to the more practiced soul. Fees are minimal, the approach is non-denominational, and in most cases, there's no need to be a member. The Centre uses practitioners from both within its ranks and external, as well as offering workshops & courses from time to time.

This, together with the Friday Healing Clinic and Sunday Afternoon Meeting, allows all individuals - whatever their knowledge or skill level - to come and sample Spiritualism and/or spiritual and psychic development in a way which is fun, interactive, and highly practical. Please feel free to attend any one of our development groups, the Sunday Afternoon Meeting, or the Friday Healing Clinic.

 Prove survival of the Soul & Personality after physical death.
 Encourage each individual to discover their spiritual pathway.
 Offer groups & training in Psychic Awareness, Spiritual Growth & Development, Mediumship, Meditation, Spiritual Healing, Energy Work, Spiritual Philosophy, Ancient Wisdom & New AgeTeachings.
 Offer healing service to all who are in need.
 Promote awareness of Spiritualist philosophy through discussion and sharing of knowledge.
 Work for Spirit through Service and Unconditional Love.

Mission Philosophy The NASM Inc. is a non-denominational Spiritualist Mission. The Mission is a progressive organisation that seeks to offer an ever growing range of activities aimed at providing all who come to the Mission with many opportunities to explore and learn about the principles of Spiritualism, develop their spiritual and psychic abilities, discover their healing gifts, and find a safe and friendly place in which to explore their spiritual journey. The approach taken by the Mission is broad based and allows for exploration of a wide range of subjects of interest to those wishing to explore the spiritual way of life. The scope of our teaching may include traditional Spiritualist theology, modern Spiritualist philosophy, aspects of Theosophy, parapsychology, metaphysics and ancient Eastern beliefs. Subjects for inclusion may comprise forms of mediumship, including, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, trance channelling, psychometry and flower reading; spiritual healing, aura cleansing, chakra balancing; reincarnation and Karma; death, dying and survival after death; communication between incarnate and discarnate beings; dowsing and earth energies, to name just a few. Our aim is to offer a diverse range of topics and approaches that will appeal to people from many faiths, denominations, and cultures, in a responsible, down-to-earth manner that encourages every individual to explore and discover for themselves what they believe and can incorporate into their daily life.

The N.A.S.M. Inc. hopes you will enjoy exploring our website and learning about Spiritualism, the Mission, and the Activities held at the Mission's Rosa Tingey Centre.


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A short story of the Fox Sisters The Unwilling Mediums
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