This area is under construction it is hoped to use it to offer access to the ebooks version of classic Spritualist Writings currently available on the internet - Please remember that these books are for Personal Use and not for reproduction.

 My Life In Two Worlds Gladys Leonard

 The Spirits' Book Allen Kardec

 The History of Spiritualism Vol1 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

 The History of Spiritualism Vol2 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

 Harry Edwards and His Healing By Maurice Barbanell 1953

 Sir Oliver Lodge Raymond Revised teh story of his son communicating from Spirit 12th Ed 1922

 Rev. Stainton Moses Spirit Identity

 Re. Stainton Moses Spirit Teachings

 Re. Stainton Moses Higher Aspects of Spiritualism 1880

 Hudson Tuttle Mediumship

 Eileen Garret My Life as a Search for the Maening of Mediumship 1933

 Estelle Roberts Fifty Years A Medium

 Estelle Roberts Red Cloud My Mission

 L Margery Blazett Beyond The Five Senses

 L Margery Blazett Some Thoughts On Mediumship

 Experiments in Psychics 1939 Warrick tests specifically on Ada Deane

 James Coates Photographing the Invisible

 Emma Hardinge Britten Nineteenth Century Miracles

 Two Worlds Magazine Portraits of Mediums circa 1896

 D D Home Incidents in my Life

 Twixt Two Worlds the work of Wm Eglinton

 Sir Wm Crookes Researches in the Phenomena of Modern Spiritualism

 Life Beyond Death With Evidence Rev C. Drayton Thomas

 DD Home His Life and Mission

 DD Home Lghts and Shadows of Spiritualism

 Explanation of the Mysterious Noises Capron 1850

 History of the strange sounds or rapping Dewey 1850

 Phenomena of Spirit Manifestations Bonnell 1852

 Mysteries or Glimpses of the Supernatural 1852 Elliott

 Sights and Sounds Spicer 1853

 Pittsburgh and Allegny Spirit Rappings J B Campbell 1851

 EELEWIS Original 1848 report on the rappings PSYPIONEER VOL 1 NO 12 APRIL 2005 On Psypioneer site -right click open in new tab

 Dawn of the Awakened Mind Brilliant Research and Seance records from John S King Founder of the Canadian SPR

 Experimental Investigations of Spirit Manifestations Robert Hare 1856

 Mrs Piper and the SPR M. Sage

 Northern Lights Madam D'Esperance

 People From The Other Side Eddy Brothers 1874 NY Daily Graphic Henry Olcott

 One Hundred Cases for Survival after Death Baird 1944