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The South Australian Spiritual healers Association Incorporated (SASHA)
was formed in Adelaide on the 24th November 1994. SASHA is a non profit Organisation. As the name implies we are an Association of Spiritual healers.

The Association produces its own Healing/Training manuals and publishes a bi-monthly Newsletter. Tutors of the Association regularly conduct Healing Courses for Probationary Members who wish to become Full Practicing Members.


The principles of SASHA have been specified in the Constitution and the Code of Conduct. The aim of SASHA is to serve the public by promotion of the study and practice of the art and science of Spiritual Healing. The world renowned Spiritual Healer Harry Edwards advocated, the healing session should be an act of simplicity. Spiritual healers do not seek to take the place of qualified medical practitioners, but recognise that each has a part to play in the alleviation of human suffering. Healing comes in many different ways, and no profession has a monopoly on it. The South Australian Spiritual Healers Association Inc. seeks healers of a high ethical standard and membership of the Association is open to any person of such a standard, regardless of religious belief, creed, race, sex, class or wealth.

"The paramount consideration in all healing activity is the welfare of the patient. Spiritual Healers should, like members of the medical profession, endeavour always to act in accordance with the Oath of Hippocrates."

SASHA Constitution

'What is spiritual light healing? '

Spiritual Healing is an ancient method of healing which involves the transfer of healing energy of Love and Light. This energy has its origin in the one Universal Life-Spirit. Healers can consciously attune to this spiritual energy and channel it to the recipient. Healers often use the help of healing guides in channelling the energy.

Spiritual Healing works on all levels Š spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. The energy flows to the recipient and removes blockages, restores balance and revitalises. It brings the feeling of peace, harmony; wholeness and well-being. The recipients may experience the sensation of warmth and tingling or even see colours.

Spiritual Healing is simple. It does not require the use of manipulation or pressure, only light touch is applied (the laying on of hands). Healing can be also performed without touching, through the recipientÕs aura.

Spiritual Healing does not require a religious belief to benefit from it. Animals benefit from it, too. The healing session usually takes from 15-20 minutes. Spiritual Healing is easy to learn. Everybody can learn simple healing techniques. No special gifts are required.

If you are in need of a healing or are interested in learning Spiritual Healing, contact us at our registered office:

South Australian Spiritual Healers Association
48 Royal Avenue Pooraka SA 5095